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Filtering on Document Metadata
Filtering on Document Metadata

Logikcull's filter carousel is a powerfully simple way to view and filter down on document metadata.

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Overview of Available Filter Facets

How does the filter carousel work?

Logikcull's processing engine extracts and indexes document metadata during upload processing, and makes it available to you as facets in the filter carousel.

Just like with online shopping sites, you can use filters to gain a bird's-eye view of your results and more intelligently zero in on the data you need.

You can use filters in conjunction with each other to get to the data you need fast, and Logikcull will update your document counts as you filter. Selecting facets within a filter column functions as an OR operator; and selecting facets across filter columns functions as an AND operator.

Auto Tag Filters

Auto Tags (QC Tags) are applied during processing and can provide additional helpful insights into document metadata.

To see what each Auto Tag does, just hover over the tags.

Chat Filters

This feature is available on Subscription plans.

When you've uploaded chat metadata (for example, from Slack), chat filter facets are available in the filter carousel to quickly search and narrow down on relevant metadata.

Customizing the Filter Carousel

Logikcull's updated Filter Carousel puts the power of search customization in your hands. Simply choose the filters that are most useful to your search and review.

You can even organize filters to suit your needs.

This customization is unique to each individual user in Logikcull and can be updated at any time. Adding and removing filters from the carousel does not impact your current search results.

How Filters and Search Interact

The filter carousel also works in tandem with the search bar and search builder.

For example, if I wanted to search for the word "Apple" in all documents tagged Hot, I could run the following search:

  1. Selecting the Hot tag to filter for all documents with that tag.

  2. Placing the word "Apple" in the search bar

In syntax form this would be the same as writing tags:Hot AND apple

Troubleshooting Filters

Why are documents disappearing when I tag them?

If you're using the "Has No Tags" filter to help with your review, you may encounter behavior where documents disappear from your review, and take time to synch and optimize, as you're adding tags.

When you select "Has no tags" from the filter carousel, Logikcull actively applies that filter without ceasing, which can cause documents to disappear from your review set and run a "syncing and optimizing" function as soon as you make a single change.

The filter carousel is useful for quality control and quick document gathering, however the "Has No Tags" filter should be avoided when setting up a review.

The easiest way to get around this is to run a search in the search bar for tags:None

This will create a static list of documents that will not need to be dynamically updated every time you tag.

You can even save a search for tags:None and easily re-run that saved search any time you need to refresh your list of untagged documents.

We also recommend getting into the habit of tagging every document as it's reviewed, in order to better leverage the "None" tag as a filter.

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