Cloud Uploads

Cloud integrations and Slack uploads make quick work of moving collections into Logikcull for search and review.

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Cloud uploads transfer documents directly through integrations, saving you time and effort.

How to start a Cloud Upload

  1. Go to your Project's Uploads page

  2. Click Create New Upload

  3. Choose Cloud Upload from the drop-down menu

  4. Choose a cloud provider from the list

You'll be guided through the steps to complete your integration.


Microsoft 365

Google Vault


Disconnecting and Resetting a Cloud Integration

If you need to disconnect an existing cloud upload integration, you can navigate to your user profile by clicking on the avatar in the left-hand navigation menu, or by clicking the dropdown next to your name and choosing "My Settings."

On your Profile Settings page, you can scroll to the bottom to see a list of all associated integrations. Simply click the disconnect button to the right of any integration you'd like disconnected. You can always reconnect your integration again in the future if you'd like.

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