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Uploading from Box
Uploading from Box

Have eDiscovery collections in Box? Logikcull imports helpful metadata along with your Box-imported files.

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How to Upload Files via Box Integration

  1. Navigate to the Uploads tab in your project

  2. Click + Create A New

  3. Choose Cloud Upload from the drop-down menu

  4. Choose Import from Box

From here, there are three simple steps to uploading data directly from your Box account:

  1. Select files to upload; you will first be prompted to log in to your Box account

  2. Assign a custodian to the upload

  3. Name your upload (optional)

Once you've completed these steps, click Start Upload at the bottom of the upload form. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to Grant access to Box. Once you've granted access, your upload will begin!

🎥 Walkthrough Video:

Viewing Box Metadata

We make an effort to capture existing metadata from Box wherever possible. Some metadata, such as the file name, will be reflected directly in Logikcull's interface.

Any metadata that is not displayed in the Document Info panel can be found by selecting the Metadata icon in the top toolbar. You can view all available document metadata in the Details tab of the metadata modal:

Available Box Metadata Fields:


























What metadata is not available for export via Box integration?

Tags created in Box will not appear in the metadata for the data uploaded to Logikcull via cloud upload.

Searching Box Metadata Fields

Box integrations capture metadata with the prefix box_fields, so if you wanted to search for a specific Box comment for example, you would use the following syntax:

box_fields.comments:"hot doc*"

Disconnecting the Integration

If you need to disconnect an existing Box integration, navigate to your user profile by clicking on your avatar in the left-hand navigation menu.

On your Profile Settings page, select Integrations from the navigation list, or scroll to the bottom of the page to see a list of all associated integrations.

Simply click the Disconnect button for the Box integration to disconnect. You can always reconnect the integration again in the future if you'd like.

Pro Tips

Use Box and Logikcull Together as an FTP Alternative

For example, if you need to collect data from someone but would rather not invite them into your Logikcull project, have them upload the data to a Box account instead.

Once uploaded to Box, you (as the administrator) can easily import the data into Logikcull using the Cloud upload option. This is incredibly helpful when dealing with long-distance data collections or whenever your own FTP system can’t handle the volume of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Box plans does the integration work with?

This integration works with all Box plans.

What data is collected through this integration?

Files in a Box account. See the Viewing Box Metadata section of this article for a list of available metadata imported from Box.

How does a user authenticate with Box?

  • Logikcull uses the Box Platform API to access data in a customer’s Box account.

  • Logikcull users creating a new Box Upload must log in with Box credentials.

  • If the credentials are valid, the user can then select Box data to be included in the Logikcull Upload.

  • At this time, we request read and write access to Box files and folders.

What Permissions Are Needed to Access the Integration?

Logikcull app permissions - Prior to uploading data to your project via the integration, a Box user must approve the Logikcull app (grant access) to allow Logikcull to connect to the Box account.

Permission Details

The Logikcull app requests consent for the following permissions:

OAuth Scope



Read and write all files and folders stored in Box

Full reference for Box API scopes:

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