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How do I upload new native data to my project?
How do I upload new native data to my project?

Drag and drop - let Logikcull do the rest.

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ℹ️ If you have a production upload with a load file, you can follow the link to our database import guide.

ℹ️ If you have a Cloud upload, please follow the linked guides for Slack, Google Vault or Box.

Uploading data to Logikcull is easy. If you have PSTs or zipped native files, you can simply drag-and-drop your data on the page or use the file finder to select your file. Please note: Be sure that a custodian is created or added from the dropdown list (Step 2) or you will encounter an error message.

⚠️ If the orange transfer bar is still in progress, do not logout or disconnect your session as it will interrupt the transfer, though you can log back in to pick up where you left off. If you notice that the transfer of data during upload is taking too long, check your internet speed and calculate how long it would take to complete based on your bandwidth. This tool may be helpful.

Optimizations to Amazon S3's multipart upload feature now reduce data transfer times up to 50% for some users by allowing you to take full advantage of your local network settings.

Once the progress bar enters the processing stage (turns green), you are safe to disconnect and Logikcull will continue processing your data.

A few notes about uploading:

  • If you have multiple files to upload all at once, please zip them up into a zip file before uploading. Logikcull will preserve the files, file-paths, and metadata of your files after uploading and extraction.

  • Keep in mind, that mixing custodians into a single upload is ill-advised. In Logikcull, you can dynamically dedupe globally or by custodian/person. The custodian is assigned on upload creation, so without it, Logikcull doesn't know who the custodian is, and thus can't accurately dedupe by custodian.

  • If you are uploading Outlook PST files, please make sure the PST is disconnected from MS Outlook before uploading. To disconnect the PST, do this: Open Outlook. Right-click the Personal Folders file (i.e. the PST) that you want to remove from the Navigation Pane, and then click Close Personal Folders.

  • If you have a large set of data to upload, try splitting it into smaller chunks first, and then uploading in batches. This way, Logikcull can get to work on your data faster, and you can get access to it faster. There's no size limit, but we recommend keeping each upload below 20GB.

  • Make sure the zip files are not password protected in order to extract contents during processing.

  • We recommend connecting via wired vs. wireless internet connection.

  • Check the computer performing the transfer doesn’t go into sleep mode therefore interrupting transfer.

  • If the file is on a network/shared drive, make sure you have a continuous connection otherwise we recommend first copying it to a local drive and starting the transfer from there.

  • Zips within zips are fine! We will extract from each archive.

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