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How do I import and view emails from Outlook or Gmail?
How do I import and view emails from Outlook or Gmail?

Outlook exports to PST files and Gmail exports to MBOX files, both of which are fully supported by Logikcull. Here's how to upload them.

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If you're running IT at your organization, you probably don't have time to figure out how to get email from your system into an eDiscovery tool. Good news! Logikcull makes importing Outlook and Gmail data a snap, with cloud integrations and simple drag-and-drop uploads for your system exports.

Supported File Formats

Logikcull supports the following formats for email:

Outlook archive: PST

Outlook message: MSG

Outlook email attachments: WINMAIL.DAT

Apple Mail: EMLX

Apple Mail attachments: EMLXPART

Email message: EML

Email archive: MBOX

How to export email

Typically we see Outlook email being exported as a PST file, and Gmail email as MBOX. You can choose to use a third-party solution for your export, or depending on what version you have, you can use the built-in tools to get these files. See What kind of files can I upload into Logikcull? for more information.

Preparing your PST for upload into Logikcull

When uploading Outlook PST files, the PST should be fully disconnected from your instance of Outlook before uploading.

To disconnect the PST, Open Outlook > Right-click the Personal Folders file (i.e. the PST) that you want to remove from the Navigation Pane > Click Close Personal Folders.


Once you've exported your email archive, you can simply drag-n-drop to the Uploads tab in Logikcull.

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