This feature is available to customers on subscription plans.

What is it?

The Logikcull <> Google Vault integration allows Logikcull users to quickly search through and directly import Google Vault export files. These files are then automatically processed via Logikcull’s processing engine.

What makes the integration valuable?

The integration allows users to eliminate the manual process of downloading and then uploading G Suite data to the Logikcull platform. This manual process is error-prone, subject to the highs and lows of a user's internet connection, and can be insecure due to users needing to download confidential data to local machines. The integration allows users to move G Suite data directly to Logikcull without middleware. Additionally, this removes the effort of having to re-export data multiple times in Google Vault due to exports expiring after 15 days.

Do I need anything specific from Google to use this integration?

Yes. To enable the integration, you must have Google Vault enabled on your Logikcull account and access to your organization's Google Vault application.

Set up Vault Privileges:

Allow an external user to access Vault:

How does a Logikcull user set up the integration?

Setting up the integration is quick:

  1. Head to your Logikcull project's upload page like you would for any other upload.

  2. From the options, select Cloud Upload, where you'll be able to choose which cloud provider (Google Vault) you'd like to start an upload from.

  3. Select the last option, “Google Vault” and then “Click here to select your files”

  4. You’ll then be prompted to log in and authenticate with your chosen G Suite account. Please make sure to use the email address that has access to your organization’s Google Vault. 

  5. You’ll then be prompted to allow Logikcull to access your Google Vault account. Accept all settings and you’re good to go!

You’ll then be prompted to select a matter, export, and file you want to collect into Logikcull to begin uploading your G Suite data via Google Vault. 

⚠️ If you see the option to "Use new export", please make sure that the slider is turned OFF.

*Please note: Unlike standard file uploads, your Cloud Uploads (e.g. Google Vault) do not rely on you to be at your computer and connected during the transfer phase, so once you've started a transfer, you can move on to other work right away while you await your upload notification/email.

Miscellaneous Questions

How do I reset my GVault integration?

You can do this from your user profile page.

Why does Logikcull want to view my eDiscovery data and Google Cloud Storage?

In order to activate the integration, Logikcull needs access to view the matters, exports, and files that you have access to. Once a file is selected, Logikcull will import the file you’ve selected to Logikcull for processing to allow you to complete the discovery process. Since Logikcull only has view-level permissions, Logikcull cannot make any changes to the data on the Google Vault side.

Who can use the integration?

Currently, only Logikcull subscription customers have access to this integration. 

Will a keyword search return the entire email thread?

No. Keyword search results are narrowly-scoped only to the documents that contain the specific keywords, and not the entire email thread.

What if I can’t see the matter I’m trying to grab an export from?

Only open matters in which a G Suite user is an owner or collaborator will be available for selection within Logikcull. You can also only select exports that have been completed.

What about the metadata XML/CSV/checksum files? Does Logikcull pull those over?

Not at this time, if those are needed for a particular export, they can always be downloaded via Google Vault and subsequently uploaded through the file upload route (e.g. drag-n-drop interface) in

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