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Stuck or Failed Upload Troubleshooting
Stuck or Failed Upload Troubleshooting

Here are some common troubleshooting steps when an upload fails to complete.

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Upload Stuck?

If your upload hasn't failed, but also doesn't seem to be advancing, you can try these troubleshooting steps:

Optimize for Data Transfer

  • Upload from a local drive (e.g., desktop files) instead of a shared drive or thumb drive.

  • Use a high-speed DSL line instead of WiFi. Check your internet speed here:

  • Stay logged into Logikcull during the transfer and adjust computer sleep settings to prevent sleep.

Spanned Zip Files

If you're trying to upload a spanned zip (e.g. items ending in .zip.001 or .z001) please first extract all parts of the spanned zip, starting with the first section, and re-combine the entire volume in a non-spanned format to upload to Logikcull.

PST still connected to Outlook

For best results with PST uploads, upload from a local drive (like a desktop) and disconnect the PST from Outlook. To disconnect, open Outlook, right-click the PST in the Navigation Pane, and click "Close Personal Folders."

Upload doesn't seem to be processing

If your upload has finished transferring but is taking longer than expected to process, we recommend letting Logikcull's processing automation continue its work. The processing speed depends on the structure and contents of your specific upload, and our engineers are automatically notified if any issues arise. In most cases, our support team will reach out to you proactively through chat or email if there's a problem. However, feel free to reach out and ask for guidance if you'd like, though our usual suggestion is to be patient and let Logikcull continue working!

Upload failed?

A failed upload can be caused by one or a variety of different factors. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can investigate.

Check for password protection on the file.

If your uploaded file is password protected, Logikcull will load it as a 0 byte file.

Corrupt PST

If you have a corrupt PST file, use ScanPST, a program designed to address such issues. Keep in mind that ScanPST can alter or delete data when used with a damaged PST. More information can be found here:

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