We don’t impose any limit on the number of uploads you can have at once. That said, you’ll probably be limited by your upstream bandwidth before anything else. Please note that the yellow transferring stage is dependent on your connection. As uploads complete, they’ll either begin processing immediately, or if an upload is already being processed, will queue themselves until the current processing completes.

Note: Uploads within a project complete one at a time. You can queue up an unlimited number of uploads in a project and Logikcull will process them one after the other. Logikcull does this for two reasons:

  1. To not interrupt your users with new documents that randomly show up while they're working.
  2. To allow for full file deduplication tracking. Once an upload completes, it goes through a step we call post-processing. This step is crucial, because this is the step where de-duplicated documents are re-connected with the other duplicate documents. This ensures you have a full duplicate chain of custody.
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