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Account-Level custodians
Account-Level custodians

Custodians are the original owners of electronic data. Logikcull makes it easy to manage this important metadata.

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Video Walk-Through

Creating custodians with Legal Holds

When you add a new recipient to a Legal Hold, a new custodian will be created at the account level automatically. You'll need to include both a name and email address for your custodian in order to access the custodian across the account.

Adding a custodian from Account Preferences

Account Administrators and Account Owners have the ability to create custodians directly at the account level by selecting My Accounts > Edit > selecting the Custodians tab at the top of the page. Click "Add Custodian" to open the custodian creation form. First Name and Email are required fields. You can also add:

  • Last Name

  • Company

  • Employee ID

  • Notes

  • Hire date

  • Termination date, if applicable

Managing project-level custodians

Account Administrators and Account Owners can view, edit or link custodians to existing projects from the Account-level custodians list page by hovering over the 3-dot kebab on the right side of the Custodian table.

Viewing custodian details

Clicking "View custodian" opens the Custodian detail page, which includes:

  • Name

  • Company

  • Date added

  • Email address

  • Employee ID

  • Employment Period

  • Linked Projects and Project Stats

  • Legal Holds

Editing Account-level custodians

Clicking "edit custodian" re-opens the Custodian details form and allows you to update name, email, company, notes, or employment period data.

Linking account-level custodians to existing project custodians

Clicking "link project custodians" opens a form that allows you to link your Account-level custodian to project-level custodians that were established by uploading data. You can review suggested custodians, or change the drop-down menu to show a searchable list of all project-level custodians in the account.

Using Account Level Custodians at Upload

The custodians you create and manage at the account level will also be available for your use when uploading new documents into Logikcull.

Please note that only Account Administrators and Account Owners will have access to Account-level Custodians upon upload. A Project Creator, Project Admin, or Upload Only user will need to add a new custodian upon upload which can be linked at the account level to an existing Account-level custodian.

Creating a new Account Level Custodian at Upload

You can also create a new custodian and add to the account level from the upload form when adding new data to a project. Just start typing the name of your custodian! If there's no match in the database, you'll be prompted to provide the custodian's Email Address (required) and Company (optional).

ℹ️ A custodian must be assigned to every Logikcull upload.

Account-Level Custodian Reports

The custodian report allows you to gather information on how many Projects and Legal Holds any Account-Level Custodians are in.

You can download an up-to-date Custodian Report by selecting the "Download Custodian Report" button on the top right of the Custodian Tab in Account Settings:

A custodian report is also available at the Project level.

This custodian report includes information on the total number of uploads, documents, and pages that a Custodian has.

You can download the Project level custodian report from the Custodian tab of your Project settings (gear icon on top right when in a project).

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