Creating custodians with Legal Holds

When you add a new recipient to a Legal Hold, a new custodian will be created at the account level automatically. You'll need to include both a name and email address for your custodian in order to access the custodian across the account.

Adding a custodian from Account Preferences

Account Administrators and Account Owners have the ability to create custodians directly at the account level by selecting My Accounts > Edit > selecting the Custodians tab at the top of the page. Click "Add Custodian" to open the custodian creation form. First Name and Email are required fields. You can also add:

  • Last Name

  • Company

  • Employee ID

  • Notes

  • Hire date

  • Termination date, if applicable

Managing project-level custodians

Account Administrators and Account Owners can view, edit or link custodians to existing projects from the Account-level custodians list page by hovering over the 3-dot kebab on the right side of the Custodian table.

Viewing custodian details

Clicking "View custodian" opens the Custodian detail page, which includes:

  • Name

  • Company

  • Date added

  • Email address

  • Employee ID

  • Employment Period

  • Linked Projects and Project Stats

  • Legal Holds

Editing Account-level custodians

Clicking "edit custodian" re-opens the Custodian details form and allows you to update name, email, company, notes, or employment period data.

Linking account-level custodians to existing project custodians

Clicking "link project custodians" opens a form that allows you to link your Account-level custodian to project-level custodians that were established by uploading data. You can review suggested custodians, or change the drop-down menu to show a searchable list of all project-level custodians in the account.

Creating and Using Account Level Custodians at Upload

You can also create a new custodian and add to the account level from the upload form when adding new data to a project.

The custodians you create and manage at the account level will also be available for your use when uploading new documents into Logikcull.

ℹ️ A custodian must be assigned to every Logikcull upload.

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