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How do I search for documents in Logikcull?
How do I search for documents in Logikcull?

There are three ways to search or filter for documents in Logikcull: the search bar, the filter carousel, and Search Builder.

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🔗 Look here for guidance about searching within a document in Logikcull.

The Search Bar: Search using keywords, Boolean operators, metadata fields and/or filter names. Open ”Search Tips” for more information and tips on how to use phrases, Boolean operators, wildcards, fuzzy terms, proximity searches and more!

The Filter Carousel: Rapidly drill down to a sub-set of documents. For example, you can filter to see only certain document types such as emails or documents from a

specific upload.

Search Builder: Easily build complicated search queries without writing complicated search query syntax. Access Search Builder by hovering over the vertical dots in the top right corner above the search bar.

This will open the Advanced Search and Bulk Keyword Search.

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