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Pre-Recorded Webinar: Basic Search & Review

Document Review Course

Review Basics

Click on a document name from your Document List to open the Document Viewer and Document Info Panel and start reviewing documents.

In the Document Viewer, you can:

1. Search for keywords within the document.

2. "Pop out" the document into another window for dual-monitor reviewing.

3. Download a document. (Click on Download, then select PDF or Text.)

4. Select “Redact” to apply redactions.

5. See tags that have been applied to the document, including QC tags.

6. Click "More" to see additional options and to customize the toolbar.

7. Navigate to the previous or next document.

In the Document Info Panel you can:

1. Click the menu icon to expand the Document Info Panel.

2. Check the box next to the desired tag to apply the tag to the document.

3. Open tag options - Click the 3 vertical dots beside the desired tag to tag/untag families and duplicates.

4. View the metadata of your document.

5. Customize your Document Info Panel. Please note: the options as shown below may not be the default options in your Document Info Panel. You can add, remove, and rearrange options to best suit your review.

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