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Applying Tags to Documents
Applying Tags to Documents

Tagging documents is simple in Logikcull. You can tag from the Document Info panel or the search page.

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Tagging From the Document Info Panel

You may tag individual documents from the document info panel, located to the right of the document image in the viewer. Project and Account Admins have the ability to add new tags by selecting "Add Tags +" at the top right corner of the Tags list.

Tagging From Search Results

You may also tag individual documents without opening the document viewer. From the search results, select a document card and press "Tag" to open the tag modal.

With the modal open, you may select one or more tags to apply to the document. Project Admins and Account Admins have the ability to add new custom tags as well.

Tagging is automatically saved and updated in your project.

Tags applied automatically with work product

Some actions, taken in the course of document review, automatically apply document tags. Tags will remain on a document as long as there is at least one instance of that work product.

The exception is "Has No Tags," which is the default value applied to documents that have no work product applied - no notes, redactions, comments, fields, annotations, or other tags.

Searching tags:none from the project search bar will return all documents in which no tags are applied.

Bulk-Tagging Documents

To bulk tag documents, check the boxes next to the documents or bulk-select from the drop-down menu (1). You also have the option to include families in the bulk tag operation by sliding the toggle on to include families (2). Finally, select "Tag" to bring up the tag modal.

The modal will appear with all the tag choices. If a tag has a minus sign, it indicates that one or more of the documents you selected have this tag applied to it already.

Repeat Tags

Repeat Tags reduce manual clicks by automating repetitive tasks related to tagging documents. To repeat-tag* a document, you will first tag or untag the desired options and proceed to the next document. You can hover over the “Repeat Tags” button to preview the tags that will be applied and/or removed from your document.

A mouse moves the cursor into an empty checkbox and selects the Responsive tag. The mouse then hovers over the Repeat Tags button.

Walkthrough Video

Repeat-tag a document + duplicates

  1. tag or untag the desired options

  2. click the duplicates button to apply/remove the tags to the duplicates

Repeat-tag an email + thread

  1. tag or untag the desired options

  2. click the email thread button to apply/remove the tags to the thread

Repeat-tag a document + family

  1. tag or untag the desired options

  2. click the family button to apply/remove the tags to the family

Helpful Keyboard shortcuts

  • Shift + D apply a previous tag

  • Shift + W clear the repeat tag history

*The work product to be applied/removed is only reflected upon the tags that were actively selected or deselected from the previous documents. If there were other tags that were applied at the time that new tags were selected and/or deselected, please note that these tags will not be repeated in the next document.

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