What are Smart Responsive Tags?

Smart Responsive Tags help prevent reviewers from tagging documents Responsive and Non-Responsive simultaneously.

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How do Smart Responsive Tags work?

Once a Responsive tag has been selected, the Non-Responsive tag is greyed out.

Alternately, once a Non-Responsive tag has been selected, the Responsive tag is greyed out.

⚠️ Please note that this function works only on the Responsive and Non-Responsive tags that are provided by default in your Logikcull projects.

From the Document Information Panel:

Who has access to Smart Responsive Tags?

All reviewers and admins have access to this tool to help ensure documents are not tagged with both Responsive and Non-Responsive tags.

Enabling Smart Responsive Tags

All projects created after March 9, 2021 will have Smart Responsive Tagging enabled by default.

You can disable this behavior in Project Settings by setting Smart Responsive tags to “Off.”


Are there still ways for documents to be tagged Responsive and Non-responsive?


If a document has been tagged Responsive, and a user performs a bulk tag operation of Non-responsive on a document set that contains documents tagged Responsive, the resulting bulk operation will apply the Non-responsive tag on all documents in the bulk action, including documents tagged Responsive.

A user can also still bulk tag documents as Responsive AND Not Responsive. Note that bulk tagging documents includes tagging families and duplicates as well as bulk tagging documents from the Search view.

How do I catch documents tagged both Responsive and Non- responsive?

Use the Search Builder to create a dynamic Saved Search that returns documents that have both tags.

ℹ️ If you try to produce a set of documents with both Responsive and Non-responsive tags you will see a warning with the number of documents that have both tags applied.

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