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Native Spreadsheet Viewer
Native Spreadsheet Viewer

Say hello to Logikcull's newest solution that allows subscription customers to review native spreadsheet files directly in-app.

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The long-awaited Sheet View in your document viewer is here to improve your review experience. Review native spreadsheet documents with an interface that closely resembles the most common spreadsheet programs.

Supported File Formats

Currently, Sheet View is enabled for the following file types:

  • .xls

  • .xlsx

  • .csv

Sheet View supports files up to 15 MB in size.

How to Enable Sheet View

The top panel of the document viewer should include the Sheet View option. Click to enable Sheet View.

If you do not see the option for Sheet View in the top or right panel Toolbars, expand sections below for further instructions on how to Customize Toolbars to include Sheet View.

A. How to Customize Tool Bar to Enable Top Panel Sheet View

  1. Open the document viewer. From the top panel, select More > Customize Toolbar.

  2. Check the box for Sheet View from the left column. Hit Save & Close.

3. The Sheet View button will display on the top panel and can be enabled.

B. How to Customize Tool Bar to Enable Right Panel Sheet View (to view Sheet Comments & Notes)

Select More > Customize Toolbar. Check the box for Sheet View from the left column. Hit Save & Close.

Key Notes

Sheet View Available for Original Version Only:

Sheet View is only available for the Original Version of native documents and not available for Download Version(s) (i.e., produced documents). Logikcull will automatically disable Sheet View if you select a Download Version from the drop-down in the Viewer. Switch back to the Original Version to enable Sheet View.

Differences in Hit Counts for Sheet View vs. Print Preview View:

Hit counts for Doc Viewer Search function may vary between Sheet View and Print View (i.e., non-Sheet View).

  • Sheet View Term Search: finds matches within cell contents, formulas, comments and notes

  • Print View Term Search: matches against cell content only (does not match against formulas, comments, or notes)

Sheet View

Print View

Search Hits:

Cell content


Notes & Comments

Cell content

See this example below for further illustration.

We're not done yet!

Future enhancements may include:

  • Displaying charts and images

  • Redactions to Native Spreadsheets

  • Support for spreadsheets larger than 15 MB

Navigating Sheet View

You can interact with Sheet View similar to how you interact with a native spreadsheet file.

  • Adjust Column Width: Hover your cursor over the column until an arrow appears. Hold and drag the column sides to expand or shrink, or double-click to Autofit.

  • Display Formulas: Select a cell to see the formula displayed in the top row of the viewer after fx.

  • Navigate Worksheets: Select Worksheet(s) to display from the bottom row.

Keyword Search & Persistent Highlights

Using the in-doc Search function with Sheet View enabled will highlight the entire cell containing the search term in the cell contents, or within the cell formula.

Text Search Hit

EXAMPLE: Searching for RAND hits on the text content in cell A5.

Formula Text Hit

EXAMPLE: Searching for RAND also hits on the text within the formula of cell B5.

💭 As noted in the Key Note section above, Sheet View will include hit counts for keyword terms within formulas while Print View will not. This may cause hit counts between Sheet View and Print View to vary.


See this discrepancy illustrated below for the example term RAND

Search Sheet Comments & Notes

Searches will hit on comments and notes. If there is a match, click View Comments to display Comments and/or Notes on the side panel.

Persistent Highlights

Sheet View will highlight cells containing terms set up with Persistent Highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you edit or redact in Sheet View?

Redactions and cell editing are not currently supported in Sheet View. See other potential future enhancements here.

Will Persistent Highlights show in Sheet View?

Yes, you can set up color-coded Persistent Highlights. Sheet View will highlight cells containing terms set up in Persistent Highlights.

Why isn’t Sheet View rendering for my spreadsheet file?

There are various reasons that might cause Sheet View not to appear for your file:

  • Document contains external source links

  • Document was imported from a Production Upload without a native file

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