Using review sets from a saved search, you can quickly divide searches into batches of documents for review & analysis.

Here’s how to create a new review set:

Save a search.

In the pop-up window, select "Lock this search" and "+ More options"

Choose whether to include families and the number of review sets to divide the search into.

Once a number has been added indicating how many review sets are needed, the number of documents will be shown so that adjustments may be made to distribute to more or fewer reviewers.

Now, you can navigate to the saved search that you locked and distribute your review sets by clicking "Run" next to each set and assigning the resulting review set to a user.

ℹ️ Keep in mind that if the user is assigned a "reviewer" access level, the documents will have to be specifically assigned, or else they will not be able to view them.

Run the set that you would like to assign.

The documents contained in that set will now be visible. Click the drop-down arrow next to "Select..." and click "Select all" if you wish to assign all the documents within that set:

If you would like to include families, toggle to include those, and select "Assign."

A prompt box will open where you may select whomever you would like to assign the set.

If the user is not on the list, they will need to either be created or added to that specific project. More information on users may be found here.

Here are a few tips on how best to use this feature:

  • Think of each review set as a mini-ECA (Early Case Assessment) project and train your users to leverage the filtering capabilities within Logikcull to increase review speeds. This won't always apply, because sometimes you do need to review ALL the documents, but many times you probably don't.

  • You can divide a review set into further review sets. Just run a review set (i.e. click the play/run button), then save a new search and make more review sets.

This flexibility will come in handy when you determine that a review set is simply too much work for one person to handle. If that is the case, just split it.

We recommend editing the name of the review set to the name of the person that will be reviewing these documents so that the user may quickly see which set she is responsible for.

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