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Why are my download document counts / page counts different than what appears in Search?
Why are my download document counts / page counts different than what appears in Search?

Certain conditions can impact the document and/or page count in your final export when compared to the stats in your Logikcull search page.

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If you're wondering why the document or page count for your final download is different than what appears when you search for the download in Logikcull, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons.

Deduplication Views

You may have chosen a deduplication filter view for your download that is different from the filter view you're in when reviewing the data in Logikcull. This may lead to the appearance of more or fewer documents and pages when comparing the search to your download. This can be remedied by checking the saved search used on the download card:

And then find the saved search and it's dedupe setting in Saved Searches:

Unlocked Saved Search

Check to see if your Saved Search was Locked or Unlocked by seeing if there is a Lock icon (πŸ”’) next to the name:

If your Saved Search was unlocked, it means the Search is dynamic--that is, documents are continuously added or removed depending on whether it meets the conditions of the Search at the time that the search is Run or Downloaded.

This may result in the Saved Search reflecting a different document count than the Download document count at any given time after the Download was created.

Culled Documents

While rare, it's possible that a member of your project has culled documents that were previously produced. You can check for the presence of culled produced documents by running a search for exported:true in the search bar and then changing your project filter view to Culled documents.

Slipsheet Settings

You may have selected for certain file types, or used tag-based rules, to generate a slipsheet, or a single page placeholder for a document, instead of an image of the original. This will impact the total page count for your download if there are multi-page documents that were given slipsheets.

Download Errors

If your Download ran into conversion or endorsement errors, Logikcull will automatically provide a single-page slipsheet for those errored documents, which will impact the total page count.

You can check the Download Reports to see if your download ran into any errors by navigating to the Downloads tab and hovering your cursor over the three-dot-kebab > select Download Reports:

πŸ‘† A zip folder titled "[DownloadVolumeName]" will download to your device.

If there were any errors, the document(s) will be listed in the below report(s) within the zip folder:

Feel free to reach out to Support to see if there are any resolutions available by emailing or via in-app chat.

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