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How do I search for Production Bates numbers?
How do I search for Production Bates numbers?
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Searching for Production Bates Numbers

There are multiple methods to search for production Bates numbers, depending on how the Bates numbers were generated:

Universal Bates Search

Note: To search for any documents downloaded prior to April 4, 2018 please use the “Download Doc ID” field.

If the project was created after April 4, 2018, you may use the below syntax to search both database upload and download items for any control number (begin, internal, or end bates). In the advanced search builder, you can use the "Bates number" field. Example search syntax would be:


If the same Bates number exists in another upload/download within the same project, you may narrow the search further to a specific produced set. For example:

exports.download_name:VOLUME001 AND exports.bates:BATES00000001

From Logikcull-Generated Downloads (exported from Logikcull)

If the Bates number you’re looking for was created when the document was produced/downloaded from Logikcull, you can use the “Download Doc ID” field in the advanced search builder. Example search syntax would be:


From Production Uploads (imported to Logikcull)

If the bates number was part of a database upload/production import, you can use the “beg_bates” field. Example search syntax would be:
Unified Bates Search:


By Filename

If the searches above don't yield results, you may also try searching for Bates numbers against the filename field or text content, depending on how they were loaded in the system. Example search syntax to search by the filename would be:


By Document Text


Combining metadata and text searches for Bates references

To search both the text and Bates metadata, you can combine syntax:

file_name:BATES_*0489 OR bates:BATES_*0489 OR text:BATES_*0489

Searching Bates Ranges

With any of these options above (except text), you can also search for a Bates range.

bates:[BATES00000001 TO BATES00000010]

exports.download_doc_id:[BATES00001 TO BATES00000010]

beg_bates:[BATES00001 TO BATES00000010]

file_name:[BATES00000001 TO BATES00000010]

imported_fields.beg_bates:[PRODDOC00000001 TO PRODDOC00000002]

If you're still unable to locate the document, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can also grant temporary access to the project and our team can take a closer look and provide suggestions.

Searching for a List of Bates Numbers

You can search for a list of Bates numbers by separating them with spaces and enclosing them in parentheses, like this:

bates:(BATES0001 BATES0004 BATES0007 BATES0008 BATES0009 BATES0021)

You can search up to 1,024 Boolean operators with a maximum of 40,000 characters.

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