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Apply bates numbers prior to document review
Apply bates numbers prior to document review

Prefer to apply a Bates Number or Control Number to your documents prior to your review? You can do that with Logikcull!

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Project and Account Admins can create downloads.

It should be noted that the final production bates numbers are likely to change if some documents are withheld from production.

Stage 1: Produce all documents in the project with bates numbers.

Stage 1 will follow the same path as Download Productions.

Save a search. All downloads come from saved searches and are dependent on both search and filter criteria. Because you wish to number all the documents in the project, the only criteria (or filter) needed for this search is Global Deduplication or No Deduplication (More info on deduplication found here).

Create a download from that Saved Search.

Step 1: Choose a saved search and sort order

Use the Drop downs to choose your Saved Search and the Sort Order for your bates numbering. I’ve chosen Family Date ascending.

Step 2: Load File Template

On Step 2 of 4, you can make your selections for the Load File Template. If you choose, you can make this internal review log (or control number) template by clicking on Create New Template and choosing the fields you wish to include, such as Begin and End Bates, Document Date, etc., by clicking them on the left side and then re-ordering them on the right side..

Step 3: Images, Natives, Text options

Step 3 of 4. For this first download, it is not necessary to include images, native files, or text files. You are simply creating this download to apply the bates numbers to the documents and create your CSV Template that will become a review/control log.

Step 4: Volume and starting Bates number

Step 4 of 4. Apply the Starting Bates Number and Numbering convention of your choice.

(Remember that your numbers may be different in your final production download. To avoid confusion later, you could number these "Control0001" or similar.)

When your Download completes, you can find it under the Downloads tab. Download it to your local computer and open the CSV you made.

Stage 2: Review and Apply Work Product.

With the bates numbering applied and your CSV at your side, you can begin to review the documents.

Note that you can set the sort order of your documents to reflect the same order as the bates numbering/download, by using the dropdown here:

Additionally, you can search by Bates Number using this syntax:

For a single document, use: bates:CaseName00001

For multiple, nonconsecutive documents, use:

bates:(CaseName00002 CaseName00002 CaseName00008 CaseName00018 CaseName00196)

For a range of consecutive documents, use (note the brackets):

bates:[CaseName00502 TO CaseName00536]

You can find many other helpful search tips here and review tips here.

Stage 3: Run your final production withholding privileged documents and redacting as needed.

Now that you’ve reviewed all your documents and tagged them appropriately, you can create the final production download. For more information on Downloads, click here.

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