To search for production bates numbers in Logikcull, you first need to determine how production bates were generated before you run the search.

From Logikcull Productions

If the bates number you’re looking for was created when the document was produced/downloaded from Logikcull, you can use the “Download Doc ID” field in advanced search. Example search syntax would be:


From Database Uploads

If the bates number was part of a database upload/production import, you can use the “beg_bates” field. Example search syntax would be:
Unified Bates Search:


If the project/import/export was created after April 4, 2018, you are able to use the above syntax to search both database upload and download items for any control number - begin, internal, or end bates! In the advanced search builder, you can use the "bates number" field. Example search syntax would be:


If the same bates may exist in another upload/download, you may want to specify the search based on the database upload or download. For example, if you want to find a document assigned with a bates in a specific download, you would want to run a search like the following:

exports.bates:BATES00000001 AND exports.download_name:MYDOWNLOAD01

By Filename

If both searches above don't yield results, you may also want to try searching for the bates against the filename field or text content, depending on how they were loaded in the system. Example search syntax to search by the filename would be:


By Text

To search by text content (e.g. endorsements/bates stamped onto the pages), you don't need specific syntax in front. Examples are:

BATES00000001[BATES00000001 TO BATES00000010]

Bates Range

With any of these options above, you can also search a bates range! This can be done in two different ways.

  • If you're looking to search by bates applied during a Logikcull download, you can use
 exports.download_doc_id:[BATES00001 TO BATES00009] 
  • If you are looking to search by the bates imported during a database upload/import, you can use: 
imported_fields.beg_bates:[PRODDOC00000001 TO PRODDOC00000002]

If you're still unable to locate the document, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via the in-app chat. You can also grant temporary access to the project (How do I add Logikcull Support (grant access) to my Project?) and our team can take a closer look and provide suggestions.

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