Bates Stamps and Endorsements

Bates stamp, add confidentiality designations, and tag-based endorsements during the download workflow.

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If you want to add endorsements (Bates numbering, confidential stamps, or other custom text), you'll need to start a new download from a Saved Search. (this is different from our Quick PDF download workflow). Endorsements are applied with Helvetica Bold font size 14pt for most standard size documents. For large resolution (large page) items, the endorsements can appear smaller.

Applying Bates Endorsements

📺 View the full walk-through video for creating a production/download

Navigating to Endorsement Options

Endorsing takes place during the third step of the download. You will need to:

  1. Click the "+" sign under Images, named "More options and image defaults."

  2. Scroll down to the "Include image endorsement/branding" section, and switch the dropdown to say "Yes, include endorsements/branding."

  3. You can then choose from four locations where you'd like your endorsement(s) to be placed. Please note that endorsement cannot currently be modified to be a different color or font, and can only be placed in one of the 4 corners of a document image (top right, top left, bottom right, or bottom left).

  4. To Bates stamp documents, choose "Begin Doc (Page Level)." This will stamp each page with an incrementing document number, starting with the number you will choose in the following step of the download (see below)

On the fourth step of your download you will be asked to enter a volume name and a starting document or Bates number.

Bates stamps can be alpha-numeric with letter prefixes and can also be separated from the number by an underscore or hyphen:




See an example at 3:24 in this video:

Endorsement Options

There is a description of each type under the dropdown once you select a choice. For the endorsements, you can choose from the following options:

Begin Doc (Page Level): This will bates label each page, beginning with the "starting document/bates number" that you set on Step 4. 

  • Begin Doc (Document Level): This will Bates label each document with the "starting document/bates number" that you set on Step 4. This same endorsement (Begin Doc number) will appear on every page of the document. For example: "EXAMPLE001” is a 10-page document. Each page will be stamped “EXAMPLE001”. The next document will be stamped "EXAMPLE011”, etc.

  • End Doc: The ending number of a document will be repeated on each page.

  • File Name: The filename will be stamped on each page.

  • Page Number: The document will be paginated, starting at 1 for each document.

Applying Custom and Tag-Based Endorsements

Custom endorsements are typically used to indicate the confidentiality level (e.g. "ATTORNEY'S EYES ONLY) or production request number.

Tag-based endorsement allows you to tag specific documents based on that document's tag. For example only those tagged during review as Confidential, with the custom endorsement "CONFIDENTIAL" You can set multiple conditions here, in case you have separate sets you want to endorse differently.

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