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Easily print your search results to PDF from a single menu to download and share files with colleagues or have PDFs at the ready.
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Quick PDF allows you to quickly download your search results to PDF for easy sharing.

Need to create a production version of your search results (e.g., create Bates or other endorsements)? Follow our guide to creating a production here. ๐Ÿ”—

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Why use Quick PDF?

Users may want to use Quick PDF in order to...

  • Export a copy of documents to a local folder on your computer

  • Download documents to use as deposition or trial exhibits

  • Provide bates-numbered documents to an expert

  • Preview redactions on an image before saving or "burning" redactions

  • Download documents marked as Privileged for internal reference alongside a privilege log

  • Download a compilation of documents into one PDF

  • ...and many other uses! If you have a question on whether the Quick PDF tool might work for your purposes, feel free to chat in to our support function to ask!

Who can use Quick PDF?

Pro Users and above can quickly and easily download search results to PDF by selecting "Download PDF" from the search menu.

Overview of your print options

  1. Name your download. This is the name it will receive in the Downloads tab and when you send the file to your local machine.

  2. Include Families? You can opt to include family members (attachments, embedded docs) that are not strictly part of your current search results.

  3. Merge into a single PDF. By selecting this box, all documents in the download will be combined into a single PDF, in the order they appear in the search results.

  4. Versions: If you select "Original version of documents," you can also opt to include saved redactions and redaction labels, if applicable.

    If you select "Documents from a previous production," you can then use the drop-down menu to select an image from a specific production volume. This will download the imaged versions from that specific production you selected (including the associated document endorsements and redactions).

    โš ๏ธ If you select the "Documents from a previous production" option, any documents included in this download that were not previously produced will receive a placeholder document (slip sheet).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find previous PDF downloads?

Your saved PDF downloads will be visible from the search page:

...and from the Downloads tab in a folder named "PDF Downloads":

How are Quick PDF download documents named?

Downloaded PDFs are named by the native filename with a numeric prefix, starting with zero (e.g., 000000_filename.doc; 000001_filename.xlsx; etc.). If you would like to download PDFs with Bates numbers as files names instead, use our 4 step download process form and select "Yes, include previously downloaded images" in Step 3.

Uses and limitations

Quick PDF allows you to easily download PDF copies of files in your Logikcull database. You cannot create new or custom endorsements using this workflow, or use ShareSafe to distribute PDFs outside of your account. These options are available via the 4 Step Download process (read our guide for downloading productions here ).

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