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How do I re-download or update the file type of previously-produced images?
How do I re-download or update the file type of previously-produced images?

Quickly and easily create images from prior production sets to pull in endorsements, including Bates stamps.

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ℹ️ This article walks you through creating a new production using previously-produced images. You can quickly bulk print previously-produced images to PDF using this guide.

The ability to choose from previous download images as a basis for your new production can be a handy timesaver. Here’s how to do so in a few quick steps:

Step 1: Choose Documents

Follow the prompts to select a Saved Search, a Download Template (only available if you have previously created one), designate sorting order, and designate whether or not you want to include family members and culled family members.

Step 2: Load File

Follow the prompts to select whether or not you would like to include a load file with your download. If you choose not to include a load file, proceed to step 3. If you choose to include a load file, you will then need to select the format of your load file and whether you prefer to use one of Logikcull's pre-made Load File Templates, or create your own template. Please note that more information regarding the fields include in the pre-made templates may be found at

Step 3: Images, Natives, Text

Follow the prompts to choose your selections for images, native files, and text files (native files and text files will not be necessary if a load file was not selected in step 2).  Under “Include Images”, choose “Yes, include previously downloaded images”. This will give you the choice of selecting a specific download / production volume or selecting the most recent downloaded version of a document (potentially spanning multiple volumes). Please note, when you use the previously produced images option you will not be able to alter the endorsements or redactions. Endorsements and redactions were "burned on" the prior version and cannot be altered.

Update the File Type of previously-produced images

Next to "Yes, include previously downloaded images," you can use the drop-down to update the option to export in PDF, TIF, or JPEG.

Step 4: Finalize Download

You will be able to create a Volume Name for this download, but you will not be able to enter in any bates number as it is pulling that information from previous downloads.

That’s it!


  • Can I include native-only downloads in a download of previously-produced images?

    • No - prior downloads without images won’t be available in your selection list.

  • How do I handle new documents in this scenario?

    • To use the "Previously-produced images" option, all documents will need to have been downloaded previously. You cannot include new documents in the download - you'll need to download those images first.

  • What should I keep in mind when reproducing from multiple downloads (i.e. the most recent downloaded version of my images)

    • Images cannot have overlapping bates ranges.

    • The Bates reference for the most recent downloaded version of a document will be used to report Bates numbers in CSV and Load File Reports.

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