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Time-based Access

Manage your users' access automatically

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This feature is available on Subscription plans.

What is Time-Based Access?

With Time-Based Access, you have the ability to give specific users temporary project access. You no longer have to remember to terminate access for them when they are done. Users are alerted when their access to a project is about to expire, and they can request an access extension directly from the application.

How does Logikcull set the expiration date for access?

When a user selects the expiration date for access, Logikcull converts it to be the end of the day in the UTC time zone. For example, if I select 01/01/2021, Logikcull will store it as 01/01/2021 11:59 pm UTC. The remaining access time for a user is then calculated based on this value.

Which user access levels can be granted time-based access?

Users with the Limited Reviewer, Reviewer, Basic User or Pro User access level can have time-based access on a given project. โžก๏ธ View access levels and descriptions. ๐Ÿ”—

As an administrator, where can I set a time-based access?

You can set this access from either a specific project or the entire account.

As a user, can I request an extension?

Yes! You can do this on an expired project to request access, or on a project with some time restriction to request an extension.

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