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Should I include Families in my Download?
Should I include Families in my Download?

Managing family inclusion for your documents

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During Step 1 of the download/production, you will see an option for "family inclusion setting." You are able to set this if you sort your documents by filepath or family date. With either of these sorts, the families will be maintained, with the attachments following the original email. 

ℹ️ By selecting "Yes, include family members," you will potentially pull in family members that are NOT part of the saved search you used to create the download.

Logikcull maintains family relationships

You may ask, wouldn't you always want families intact? To clarify, Logikcull always tries to maintain family relationships. The family inclusion setting verifies whether you need to keep full families intact for the download. Based on your search parameters, it may bring in additional family members to make sure the complete family of each search hit is included.

For example, let's say we save a search for only responsive documents, so that you can produce them. We have a family of seven here:

  • If you choose "yes, include," all seven members will be included in the production. 

  • If you choose "no, don't include," only the two documents marked as responsive will be downloaded.

If you toggle between "yes, include" and "no, don't include," you may see the document count for the download change. For most cases, you would typically want to have the doc count for your saved search match that of the download.

Determine which family members are being brought in

In the case that you'd like to see what family members this setting is bringing in, you can use the following workflow:

  1. Run the saved search you are using to create the download.

  2. Save it again locked, including family members.

  3. Use the advanced search builder to create the following: "saved search" equals (new search including families) AND NOT "saved search" equals (original search)

If you'd like to keep these family members in the download, even though these specific docs didn't necessarily meet the original criteria, you can use it to filter it down further for your final download. You can create a new saved search where you can bring in the new saved search with families, but exclude tag "privilege", so you include family but don't produce privileged family:

When completing the download, you'd get those additional family members aside from the privileged docs - just make sure that the family inclusion setting is at "no, do not include" so you're not bringing those privilege docs back in! 

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