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Privilege Logs / Metadata Reports

Follow best practices with a CSV download to create priv logs or review metadata/work product in a spreadsheet.

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Need to create a privilege log for an existing download? Check out this walk-through video to get started. General details about CSV downloads can be found below.

Creating a CSV Report

A CSV report is a great way of quickly exporting metadata and document lists from your Logikcull searches.

If you have a set of data in your current search, or you have a Saved Search of data you'd like to export, you can click the CSV button (just above the search button) to kick off a CSV download.

In the dialogue box, you can choose to include family members as part of your CSV report, even if family members were not part of your original search.

From here you can choose any of the existing templates you have in your project, or use the drop down to create a net new template.

Adding fields to your CSV Report

Adding fields to your CSV Report follows a similar workflow to modifying your load file in a download. Creating a new template displays a two column pop-up where you can choose items from the Available Fields to include in your report.

If you'd like to add Bates numbers from your productions to your CSV Report or Privilege Log, you can add those by searching for Bates in the list of Available Fields and choosing the volume ranges you'd like to include.

โœ๏ธ If you'd like to have a combined list of Bates numbers, you can include the field called Prev Doc Number(s) . This will prepare a consolidated list of starting Bates numbers for the files in your report.

Exporting your CSV Report

Once you've added the fields you'd like to include in your report, you can the "Create CSV Download" button.

Your CSV report will then begin processing. You can track the progress using the status bar just below the Search bar.

Once your CSV report is completed, you can download it from the link just below the Search bar, or find it in an automatically created folder called CSV Search Results in the Downloads tab of your project.

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