“Customize by Document Tag” allows you to specify the format in which specific documents are produced based on the tags those documents contain. In addition to choosing between the documents’ images or a slip sheet*, you can choose to include or exclude natives and text as well!

What is a slip sheet?

A slip sheet is a 1-page placeholder image, which indicates to the receiving party that a document’s image was intentionally omitted and includes some information about why (i.e. ‘Produce natively’, ‘Unable to process’, etc).

So how does it work?

If your download contains documents for which you’d like to customize the inclusion of images, natives, or text:

  1. Click “+ Customize by Document Tag” at the bottom of step 3 of the download process.

  2. Select the document tag that identifies the set of documents you want to be handled in a particular custom fashion.

  3. Indicate which formats should be included for the documents with your selected tag by checking or unchecking the boxes listed under “Use Image”, “Include Native”, or “Include Text”. Note: Each document can include either an image OR a slip sheet, but not both. Additionally, the slip sheet text can be modified. To do so, select “+ use new custom slip sheet” in the drop-down menu.

  4. To add multiple tag customizations, select “Add Another”. Note: if a document has multiple tags, whichever rule is listed higher will receive priority in the event they contradict.

  5. If a tag category needs to be prioritized, simply drag the desired tag category to the appropriate position. Items higher in the list receive higher priority.


Things to Note

- The checkboxes for Image/Native/Text will be automatically populated based on the download-level settings selected higher on the page.

- If a document contains more than one tag for which a rule has been applied, priority will be given in order of the list. For example, document A is tagged as both Confidential and Responsive. There are tag-based rules for both tags. Document A will follow the settings of whichever tag-based slip sheet setting comes first in the list.

- Each document in your download can include an image OR a slip sheet, but not both.

- If text files are enabled by default for the download, documents with "Include Text" unchecked will receive a corresponding, Bates numbered, text file containing the text "No Text Available".

- The corresponding image, native and text versions of each document in your download will be placed in sub-folders in the download volume named "IMAGES", "NativeFiles", and "TEXT" respectively.

- When including natives and text files, be sure to include "Native File Link" and "Text File Link" fields in your load file to facilitate loading back into Logikcull or another review platform.

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