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Can I create a custom slipsheet for non-rendered images?
Can I create a custom slipsheet for non-rendered images?

Ensure documents that receive a slipsheet due to Auto Tag "Not Rendered" are handled consistently.

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In this workflow, you're going to leverage Logikcull's Auto Tag (QC Tag) functionality to isolate documents in your download set that don't have rendered images, bulk tag, then use tag-based overrides to ensure they're handled consistently.

Let's get started.

Using Auto Tags to identify documents that are not rendered

As you prepare to download documents, you can use the saved search being used for the download as a filter to narrow the scope of your bulk tagging operation.

Once you've isolated your download set, add an additional filter on Auto Tag: Not Rendered.

If you prefer to use the advanced search builder, you can search on "Download Name" AND "Auto Tag" in the drop-down menu, selecting your download and the Auto Tag "Not Rendered."

Bulk Tag Non-Rendered Documents

Now that you've filtered on your download document set, then further on documents that are not rendered, you can bulk-tag these documents. You'll use this tag for the tag-based override in Step 3 of your download.

To apply the bulk tag, simply choose "Select All in Search" and then click "Tag." You may need to create the custom tag first. Select the tag you wish to use for your tag-based override and bulk tag the documents.

Now that you have a custom tag applied to your "Not Rendered" documents in this set, you can proceed to creating your download.

Set up a Tag-Based Override

Create your download according to your prescribed specifications, and then at the bottom of Step 3 create a tag-based override to handle these "Not Rendered" documents. Click "Show Tag Options," Select your document tag, then choose the slipsheet message, remove the checkmarks under "Use Image" and "Include Text," making sure to keep the checkmark under "Include Native," then click "Next."

Your download will now create a custom slipsheet and include Native files for your custom-tagged documents applied to un-rendered documents..

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