The "preview unavailable" message can be assessed depending on how the data was uploaded to Logikcull.

File or Cloud Upload

Identifying non-rendered documents

Reviewing documents natively

Database Upload troubleshooting

File or Cloud Upload troubleshooting

While we attempt to render an image for all supported filetypes uploaded to Logikcull, exceptions can occur. There could be various reasons for why a document would show "preview unavailable" in the document viewer, such as an unsupported file type, corrupt source file, password protection, macros that prevented successful imaging, and many others.

❓ See a list of our supported file types here

Identifying non-rendered documents

You can search for documents that do not have a rendered image by typing this query into the search bar:

processing_flag:"Not Rendered"

To get a better understanding of why the document wasn't rendered, take a look at the QC tags associated with the document like in the example below:

To view within Logikcull, you would have to fix and re-upload (e.g. convert to a supported file type, upload unprotected version, etc.).

Otherwise, for these imaging exceptions, we provide the option to view any extracted text where available or download the original document. To view any extracted text, select the "Text View" button from the document viewer.

➡️ How to customize your document toolbar

Reviewing documents natively

To review a document natively, you can download the original version of a document by navigating to the document toolbar and clicking "Download" > "Native."

Database Import troubleshooting

If you've uploaded a structured database (with a load file and images), the "preview unavailable" message means

  • images were not provided, or

  • there was an issue with the image load file, preventing Logikcull from locating the images in the uploaded volume.

First, check the original database import volume and make sure an image was provided for the document. If an image was not provided, you can overlay any missing images.

If images were provided but they're not showing up in the document viewer, you may need to check and make sure the image load file is properly formatted. You can also overlay the image load file.

How to Overlay a Database Upload

Logikcull Upload Requirements

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