The nature of electronic data is such that two zip files with the same compressed size could contain radically different types and amounts of data when uncompressed, which could significantly alter the time it takes to process them.

Variables such as how many documents are in your set, what file types are included in what quantities, and how many documents require OCR, all contribute to the total time required to process your data.

In most cases, when it comes to average data sets, the processing time is a matter of hours with Logikcull, rather than days with a vendor. We use a rule-of-thumb of 5k-8k documents per hour, per project, depending on how compact the container is.

Logikcull is a smart-cloud, so our capacity is built to be elastic when demand spikes. You can upload data to multiple projects simultaneously and we’ll automatically add the necessary computer resources to make sure your data processes in a timely fashion. Keep in mind that once processing is done, your data is completely processed, rendered, and pre-loaded into your document discovery review database.

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