Project Labels

Categorize, filter, report on projects, and boost your productivity with Project Labels.

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Powerfully Simple Project Management

Are you juggling multiple Logikcull projects and finding it challenging to keep track of them all? With Project Labels, you can categorize, filter, and report on your projects more effectively, transforming your workflow and boosting your productivity.

Categorize Your Projects with Ease

Project Labels provide a seamless way to categorize your projects according to different themes or criteria. These labels offer a handy tool for grouping related projects together. Adding a new label is easy - just select " + Labels" on the project card!

Project Admins, Account Admins, and Account Owners can add labels to a project, making them easily searchable.

Create Custom Project Labels

Custom Project Labels allow you to organize and report on a wide range of project categories - and adding custom labels to your Project is easy!

Custom Project Labels can be created from Account Settings, or from the Projects page when creating a new project.

From the Accounts page

Accounts > click an account > Labels tab then select "+ Add a new label" at the top of the menu.

ℹ️ You can easily see the number of times a label has been applied by checking the "Assignments" column in each label's row!

From Project Page when creating a new Project

Filter Like a Pro

Say goodbye to scrolling through endless lists to find the project you're looking for. With Project Labels, you can easily filter your project list, making it a breeze to find the right project at the right time.

View and filter by labels in your project list, ensuring a smoother navigation experience for everyone.

Power Your Reports

Project Labels are included in the following reports:

  • User Activity Reports

  • Efficiency Reports

  • Project Reports

This addition will not only help you stay organized, but it will also shed light on your team's work patterns, helping you plan and resource future work more effectively.

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