Deleting a Project
Account Owners and Account Administrators can delete Projects. Project deletion is permanent, so proceed with caution.
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⚠️ WARNING: Project deletion is permanent!

Logikcull does NOT keep backups of your projects. If you need to retain a backup, Project Archiving is available. Project Archiving retains everything in your project: users, templates, uploads, documents, work product, redactions, saved searches, and downloads.

Account Owners and Account Administrators have the ability to delete a Logikcull project. Here's how:

  1. Go to your Project Settings tab by hovering over the vertical dots next to the project name in your list of projects.

  2. Scroll down and click the red "Delete Project" text

  3. Read the deletion warnings carefully

  4. Select a reason on why you are deleting the project

  5. Check both statements to confirm and access the "Delete" button:

ℹ️ Want to download your data before deleting a project?

Learn more about 🔗 Full Project Exports.

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