Access to archiving depends on the terms of your subscription. Contact our support team for more information.

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What is Logikcull Archiving?

Archiving walk-through

Self-Service Archiving

Requesting Archive/Unarchive

What is Logikcull Archiving?

Logikcull archiving is a smart and instant way to securely store inactive projects. With archiving, everything in your Logikcull Project is preserved:

  • Users

  • Tag Settings

  • Custom Fields

  • Templates

  • Document Uploads

  • Saved Searches

  • Work Product applied (tags, fields, redactions, annotations, comments, notes, etc)

  • Downloads (Production volumes, Quick PDFs, CSV exports, etc)

Archiving and unarchiving are as quick and easy as the click of a button.

Archiving Walk-Through

Self-Service Archiving

To archive and unarchive your own Projects, you must:

  1. Have Self-Service Archiving enabled on your account

  2. Be an Account Administrator or Owner

Archiving takes place on the My Projects page.

Just click the 3-dot kebab in the lower right corner of the Project you wish to archive and click "Archive Project."

To unarchive, go to your archived project and click "Unarchive Project."

Q: Will project users be notified that a project has been archived or unarchived?

No, project users will not receive any notification once a project is archived or unarchived.

Requesting Archive/Unarchive

If you are interested in archiving/unarchiving a Logikcull Project but do not have self-service archiving enabled, please contact the Support team by clicking "Chat With Us" and selecting "Send us a message." A member of our team will assist you with your request.

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