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Migrating data into Logikcull
Migrating data into Logikcull

This guide will help you migrate data from eDiscovery software platforms into Logikcull.

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Migrating an active matter from an alternative review platform into Logikcull can bring significant cost savings and improved functionality, while allowing you to maintain work product and continuity of review. This downloadable guide shows you how, from initial considerations to the technical details. We’ve broken the process into three parts: 

  1. Exporting your data

  2. Importing your data to Logikcull

  3. Post-upload quality control

Initial Considerations

Before you begin migrating an active project, you’ll want to identify a point person who can handle the technical aspects of migration. They should:

  • Understand your database structure and be able to generate data/production exports from the platform you are migrating off of.

  • Be familiar with load files and have access to zipping tools such as 7zip or Winzip for Windows and Archiver or Keka for Mac.

  • Have access to the Logikcull account with account admin permission or Project Creator permission and  project admin rights.

Data Migration Checklist

  • How much data will be involved in your migration? Entire database archives are typically large. Before uploading your data, you may want to split the exports into smaller chunks. For speed and ease of use, we typically recommend breaking your data up in 200-300 GB sizes and around 500k documents per batch. Here are few resources to help calculate how long a transfer would take: - Check your Upload Internet speed - Calculator to determine how much time and bandwidth it takes to move large files

  • What documents are most urgent? Consider prioritizing your data uploads based on certain criteria, such as unreviewed vs. reviewed documents. 

  • Will you test a sample set? Exporting and uploading a small sample set is a good way to preview results before working with the entire archive. 

  • Will you need a second look? Feel free to share with us your sample metadata DAT load file for a quick evaluation. 

  • Are there more data to be processed after the import? Deduplication does not occur for database uploads in Logikcull. 

  • Do I have redactions? Redaction coordinates made from existing database cannot be migrated. Capture burned in redactions in the images instead?

  • How important is migrating work product? Work product such as tags, notes, comments etc. from existing database can be mapped as new fields in Logikcull and can be searchable but cannot be directly mapped to Logikcull’s tagging, notes and comments interface. 

  • Do you have previously produced documents? Produced records with bates stamped images will need to be captured and uploaded separately as these cannot be associated to the original version of the document. 

  • How important is normalization of time zone for your data?

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