Logikcull Data Copy

Copy data from one project to another without re-processing, streamlining tasks like routine data requests or reducing project data volume.

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Logikcull's Data Copy allows users to copy data from one project to another without re-processing, streamlining tasks like routine data requests or reducing data volume in a project. Users can copy tags, notes, custom fields, and redactions.

This can be helpful for:

  • Routine requests for data belonging to a select and predictable group of custodians.

  • Reducing the volume of data you have in one single Logikcull project

  • Utilizing Logikcull as a private data room.

For example, if you uploaded documents belonging to several custodians for Case A, you can copy all the documents associated with one of those individual custodians to a separate Logikcull project (Case B) without having to re-upload that data.

ℹ️ What can I include in a Data Copy?

  • Families are always included by default

  • Tags

  • Custom Fields

  • Notes

  • Redactions

  • Upload Name (in a new custom field)

  • Download Document IDs (in a new custom field)

How to Data Copy

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Identify the documents you want to copy to a new project and create a Saved Search of those documents.

  2. Under the options in Saved Searches, you’ll see “Copy to...” Click this option.

3. Select the work product you'd like to copy and the destination project, then click "Start Copy".

The documents in the Saved Search, including their family members (i.e. attachments), will copy from one project to another. The data will be deduplicated against data in the receiving project.

Since family documents are included by default, documents not contained in your original saved search may be brought into the Data Copy.

Data Copy FAQs

How long does it take to copy?

It will depend on how much data you are copying. In our testing, we saw speeds of 20,000 to 40,000 docs/hour. It's very fast because you don't have to re-process the data. And as our storage system gets faster, so too will Data Copy speeds.

Can I copy data from one Logikcull account to another Logikcull account?

For now you can only copy data from one project to another project within one Logikcull account. To transfer data to another Logikcull account, you can use Instant Review!

Is this an actual copy of the data or just links to the original data?

It's an actual copy. We chose to copy the data fully due to data integrity issues. Please know that when you copy data that your storage size can, and likely will, go up. However, your amount of data processed will stay the same (because we aren’t re-processing the data!).

What can I copy as part of a Data Copy?

Tags, notes, custom fields, and redactions. The original Upload Name and any Download Document IDs (such as bates assigned as part of a production), can also be copied as custom field.

What can I not copy as part of a Data Copy?

Comments and Annotations will not be copied, so the "Has Comments" and "Has Annotations" tags will not transfer. The documents will also be issued new "Logikcull ID" numbers. The Activity Log for documents is not copied as part of a Data Copy.

How do I know which data was copied and which data is copied?

Super easy. We created two new Auto Tags (QC Tags) called "Was copied" and "Is copied". Just click on these filters in the Filter Carousel and you'll see which is which. You can also see where the data came from by clicking on Metadata. Keep in mind, only the originally uploaded version of the data will be copied. Any additional versions created through a download from Logikcull will be made accessible within the original project(s) they were created in.

How do I know when a Data Copy job is complete?

By email and in-app notice. We engineered Data Copy to be a new kind of Upload. This means all Data Copy jobs will show up under the uploads tab of a Project and in the uploads-filter. This makes it super-easy to audit your Data Copy jobs.

Who can perform a Data Copy?

Only users with Project Admin, Account Admin, and Account Owner rights.

If I run a Data Copy job to reduce storage, and then delete the projects where the data was originally copied from, is the deleted data still available?

No. When you delete a project - it's permanent. That copied data, though, will still exist in the new Project.

Will download information be carried over to the new project?

No, any download and/or production information (e.g., bates numbering) will not carry over to the new project, meaning endorsed image versions of the original documents will not be copied. However, you can select to import the existing Download Doc IDs information in a custom field named "Copied From Download Doc IDs" (shown below) in the new project, which can be used to search for bates-references from the original project. Note that by doing so, every document included in the data copy will have an associated "Has Fields" Auto Tag. The "Copied From Download Doc IDs" field is manually editable.

I need to locate the data copy-equivalent versions of documents from my original project. How can I search for that in the data copy project, since the Logikcull IDs have changed?

Use the following syntax to search in the data copy project for the "original" Logikcull IDs (i.e., from the source of the data copy):

copied_from.file_id:(LogikcullID1 LogikcullID2 LogikCullID3)

Does performing data copy increase the size of my monthly GB storage?

Performing data copy will increase the size of your storage for the current month if you are creating duplicate records. You are literally creating a copy of the selected documents in a new project. Storage charges will apply in accordance with your plan.

Why is the document count different in the Saved Search and the Data Copy?

Data Copy will run a deduplication analysis in the receiving project; as a result, your document counts may differ depending on the deduplication view.

Data Copy will also not break up families, and will include families in the copy even if they were not included in the originating search.

How can I tell who applied tags or work product brought over as part of a Data Copy?

A document's Activity Log is not copied over as part of a Data Copy. You will need to return to the original (source) project to view the Activity Log of previously-applied work product.

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