Applying annotations

Document Text

  1. In the document viewer, double-click on a word OR click and drag to highlight.

  2. The "Annotate" option will appear.

  3. Click "Annotate" to add your annotation text.

"Pin Drop" anywhere on the document

  1. Right-click anywhere on the document.

  2. The "Annotate" option will appear.

  3. Click "Annotate" to add your annotation text.

Annotation FAQ's

How do I edit an annotation?

  1. Click directly on any of these objects:

    1. highlighted annotation text

    2. annotation pin

    3. annotation card on the right-side panel

  2. Click directly on the annotation to enable text editing

How do I delete an annotation?

  1. Click on the highlighted text, pin, or right-side panel card.

  2. Click on the trash can icon that appears next to the annotation text.

How do I send another Logikcull user a link to an annotation?

  1. Click on the link icon above the annotation text in the document viewer.

  2. The link is saved to your clipboard

  3. Paste the link in an email, chat conversation, or Document Comment to share with another user.

How do I re-order my annotations in the side panel?

You can sort your annotation cards in the right-side panel by clicking the sort arrow in the top corner of the annotations section.

You can sort by author, newest to oldest, oldest to newest, or page location.

How do I hide/show the annotations on the document viewer?

You can hide or show annotations using:

  • the toggle switch on the right-side panel.

  • a keyboard shortcut, (shift + a) to toggle annotations on or off.

How do I search for the content of annotations in my project?

  • You can use the "Logikcull Document Annotations" drop-down in the Advanced Search Builder:

  • You can use the syntax below directly in the search bar:

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