My Projects

Clicking My Projects will take you to a list of all projects to which you have access. If you require access to a project in an account, you'll need to contact a Project or Account Administrator and request access. Logikcull is unable to grant user access into accounts or projects. Learn more about project settings

My Account

Account Administrators and Account Owners have access to account-level settings. Account Owners also have access to in-app billing management tools.

Shared Files

The Shared Files page is where you'll find downloads that were shared with your account by another Logikcull account.


The notifications tab will open a pop-up modal that shows all your in-app notifications in one place. You can update your notification settings from the modal as well.

Light Mode/Dark Mode Toggle

You can easily toggle between light and dark modes by flipping this switch.

My Settings

View your user profile by clicking My Settings. From here you can update your profile photo, name, email, password, Two-Factor Authentication, and notification preferences. You can also access My Settings by clicking on your profile picture at the top of the nav bar.

Logout Button

Easily log out of your current session by clicking this button.

Search FAQ

This tab will open a separate window to our Frequently Asked Questions page, which is a helpful collection of articles written by our knowledgable Product Support Team.

Chat With Us

Clicking this tab will open an in-app chat widget. In-app chat is available to all Logikcull users by default. Subscription customers have 24/7 access to in-app chat with a promised first response time of < 5 minutes.

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