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  1. Enter a keyword and select a method
  2. Search for number patterns
  3. Remove redactions or add labels
  4. Review and save redactions

Enter a keyword and select a method

Just enter a keyword on the document viewer, and select a method of redaction:

  1. Redact individual matches (you can scroll left and right to anchor points), or
  2. Redact all

⚠️ Remember, you can use wildcards here! For example putting in priv* in the keyword field would highlight results like: "privilege" and "privileged" for quick redactions.

Search for number patterns

You can even search for number patterns (like date or phone numbers) using the hash key #.

Remove redactions or add labels

Simply hover over a box and make a selection.

Review and save redactions

You can toggle through redactions in the resulting Save menu.

⚠️ Don't forget to save your redactions before you move onto other work!

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