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How do I add users to my Logikcull account?
How do I add users to my Logikcull account?

Add users at the account level to give them access to projects. You'll need Account Owner/ Admin access to add users to multiple projects.

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How to add users to your account

  1. From Account Settings, click "edit."

  2. Click "Users."

  3. Click "+ Add new user"

  4. Once user(s) added, you can assign to projects at a chosen access level and customize the welcome message. You can also set an expiration date for access to specific projects.

  5. You can select projects from the list and make bulk changes to access level or expiration date.

  6. Once your user access is fully configured, click "Add New User" at the bottom of the screen.

ℹ️ Account Admins and Account Owners can create and approve requests for Project Creators. Project Creators become Project Admins in any project they create. In any other project they are involved in, they retain their original permission level.

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