Usage Reporting

The Usage tab reports on data statistics and number of users in each project, filterable by date range.

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โ„น๏ธ Account Admins and Account Owners have access to the Logikcull Usage tab.

How to access the Usage Tab

From the Account view, click "Edit," then select Usage at the top of the Account page.

What information is contained in the Usage Tab?

The Usage tab reports on:

  • Account-level statistics in a given date range

    • Data uploaded

    • Active projects

    • Data downloaded

    • Max data stored

    • Pages rendered

    • Documents uploaded

    • Max concurrent users

  • Project-level statistics in a given date range

    • Project name

    • Created By

    • Data uploaded

    • Data downloaded

    • Data stored

    • Number of users

    • Number of documents

    • Number of pages

Downloading a Usage Report

Walk-Through Video


  1. Select the date range for the usage data you're interested in.

  2. Select the type of report.

  3. Click Create Report.ย 

Your report will be delivered to your computer as a downloaded CSV file. This report can be used for account auditing, project and account trend analysis, and per-project usage calculations.
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