Automated per project invoice creation, which tallies the total monthly cost of each of your Logikcull projects for easy and accurate bill back, is now available for Account Owners via the in-app billing tab. This feature alleviates the need for manual invoice creation for each of the projects in your account. 

Per Project Invoices will be available for paid invoices from February 2020 onward.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Go to Account Settings > Billing tab, where you’ll see a “per project invoice” column next to each paid Logikcull invoice. Click to view each project invoice as a single PDF. 

  2. Click on an invoice title (e.g. INV123456-78910) to download. 

At a time when precise cost allocation, clear value attribution, and prompt cash collection are more important than ever, automated per-project invoicing helps assure you’re not leaving money on the table.  

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