The Filter Carousel

The filter carousel can be used to narrow search results and uncover insights about your uploaded data.

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The Logikcull processing engine provides powerful analytical tools for your discovery. Data is indexed and categorized at upload, allowing you to leverage the filter carousel to review your data. Clicking filters within the column runs like an OR operator, choosing additional options not in this column runs like an AND operator.

For example,
​Q: How many of Bard Lamil's emails were tagged "Responsive?"
​A: Click the email address in Email To column, then check the doc count in the Tags column (or vice-versa)

You can also use the "AND/NOT" toggle to exclude terms from your search results. When a term is excluded, the count for that item will automatically update to 0.

Auto Tags are applied during processing and can provide additional helpful insights into document metadata.

To see what each Auto Tag (QC Tag) does, just hover over the tags.

Document counts in every metadata filter are updated as search criteria is added or removed.

The filter carousel also works in tandem with the search bar and search builder.

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