The Logikcull processing engine provides very powerful analytical tools for your discovery. Right when your data is uploaded, you can see that your data was categorized, and you can use the filter carousel (the sections below the search bar - see gif below) to take a look at what kind of data you have. Clicking filters within the column runs like an OR operator, choosing additional options not in this column runs like an AND operator.

With this ability, you can answer questions like:

Q: How many potentially privileged emails does custodian Bard Lamil have?
A: Click the “Potentially Privileged” tag in the QC Tags filter.  Then look at the number next to Bard Lamil in the Custodian/Person filter.

The number you see is the number of docs that match. One-click. That’s it!


Q: Which custodians have emails where the sender’s domain is from “”?
A: Scroll the filter carousel and find the “Email From Domain” filter. Click the “” tag.

Then scroll back to the Custodian/Person filter and see which custodians have documents that match.

One-click. That’s it!

The list goes on and on… There are endless combinations to choose from. You can also use your own user-generated tags & keywords to make even more powerful searches (i.e. Show me all “Emails” tagged “Responsive” by user “James Doe” where the document text contains the words “Privileged”).

Also, keep in mind that you can combine your filters applied to a search bar keyword or power search using the advanced search builder, or bulk keyword search! 

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