This feature is available to customers on the Business Plan, you must be the Account Admin or Account Owner.

User Activity Reporting delivers valuable information about user activity in your Logikcull account. With just a few clicks, you can retrieve data on any combination of date range, projects and users associated. Creating User Activity Reports can help you monitor the activity and progress of a review team, or validate billable hours accumulated by other parties in your Logikcull account.

Do you need to know how much time each user is spending in a specific project in Logikcull? Create a report.

Do you need to know how quickly users are reviewing documents? Create a report.

Do you need to know when a specific user or specific project was last active?

You get the idea.

After clicking Create Report, a CSV document will be generated for download to your computer. Please note that all activity reflected in the report will be scoped to the selected date range. Each row in the report reflects total activity for a single user in a single project.

User Activity Reports include the following fields:

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