⚠️ Only Account Admins and Account Owners have the ability to share templates.

In Logikcull, you can create an unlimited number of download templates to use. You can also share those templates within your account, so you don't have to re-create them over and over again within your projects. Here's how you share a load file or download template:

  1. Select My Accounts from the folder panel on the left hand side of the Logikcull screen

  2. Find the Account you want to manage and select the "Edit" option (looks like a gear) from the action bar

  3. Select the Preferences tab and scroll down to the "Download Workflow Templates" or "Download Load File Templates" section, depending on which you want to copy across the project

From here you can either:

Create a new load file template that will be visible for all projects in the account


Select an existing project level download/load file template and copy it to the account level to make it visible across all projects in the account

Select Preferences

Select Copy Templates

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to copy a template across your account, the template will need to be created on the account level with your Account Settings, rather than on the project level in your Project Settings. 

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