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Creating and Sharing Download Templates Across Projects
Creating and Sharing Download Templates Across Projects

Create download and load file templates for future use in different eDiscovery projects

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Only Account Admins and Account Owners have the ability to share templates.

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Creating Download Templates

With Download Templates, you can save all your workflow options, including slipsheet settings, load file preferences, naming convention, and more.

You can save a Download Template in the 4th and final step of the Download creation workflow.

After the download is run, you can use your saved Download Template in Step 1 of future Downloads.

Updating Download Templates

You can easily update existing Download Templates as well:

  1. Create a new Download and choose the template you want to update in Step 1.

  2. Make any desired changes to your Download preferences on Steps 1 through 4.

  3. At the bottom of the page on Step 4, click the button to Update the Download Template:

Creating Load File Templates

Load File Templates allow you to quickly and easily pull the specific metadata fields you need, including custom names and static fields, into new downloads. Here's how.

From Project Settings

  1. Navigate to "My Projects" folder on the left-hand navigation pane.

  2. Click the kabob (three vertical dots) and select "Settings."

  3. Navigate to the Preferences tab.

  4. Scroll down to the Download Load File Templates section.

  5. Select "Create a new template" to create a new template from scratch

  6. Select "Edit Template" on the lower right section of the template you'd like to view.

From Step 2 of a Download

1. Navigate to Step 2 of the download workflow.
2. Select Create a New Template.
3. On the right side under Selected Fields, toggle the 'Load an Existing Template' drop-down menu.
4. Feel free to edit the field name, delete a field, or click to add a new field from the options on the left into the template on the right.

Sharing Templates across Projects in an Account

In Logikcull, you can create an unlimited number of download templates to use. You can also share those templates within your account to separate projects. This way you don't need to recreate your templates every time you start a new project.

Here's how you share a load file template, download template, or download workflow template to the projects in your account:

  1. Select My Accounts (house icon) from the panel on the left hand side of the Logikcull screen

  2. Find the Account you want to manage and select Edit.


  3. Select the Preferences tab and scroll down to the "Download Workflow Templates" or "Download Load File Templates" section, depending on which you want to copy across the project.

  4. From here you can select an existing project-level download or load file template and copy it to the account level by selecting Copy template to make it visible across all projects in the account.

    Note: Any templates that are only available within a certain project are designated by the text: (project template) in the list of templates.

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