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Manage billing from the Logikcull app
Manage billing from the Logikcull app

Manage invoices, set up a credit card, and view payment history from within the Logikcull app.

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How to access In-App Billing:

ℹ️ In-app billing is only available for users with account owner permissions. If you are not an account owner and need to access your billing information, please contact your account owner or email us at

Navigate to “My Accounts,” "Edit," and click on the billing tab.

How to update billing information (address, email, and credit card details):

Click the “Edit” button next to your payment type, billing address, business address, or billing email under the billing information section of the billing tab:

How to pay invoices

Step 1: Navigate to the billing history section and click the “Pay Now” button next to the invoice you’d like to pay:

Step 2: Either use your existing credit card information (from the billing information section) or enter new credit card details:

Once you’ve submitted payment for an invoice, the Account Owner will receive a payment confirmation and receipt via email.

ℹ️ Please note: Saving the payment method on your account authorizes payment for future credit card charges.  Please use the "Pay Now" button next to unpaid invoices to make a payment.

How to view or export current and past invoices

Simply navigate to the billing history section in your billing tab and click the invoice number you wish to export. This will export your invoice in PDF form:

How to export billing statements and invoice CSVs

Navigate to the billing history section of your billing tab and click either "Download Statement" or "Download as CSV." The information contained in the CSV report includes invoice number, date, amount, and status:

*If you need to access any invoices prior to January 2016, please contact us at

Per Project Invoices

Available for paid invoices from February 2020 onward.

Automated per-project invoice creation breaks down the total monthly cost of each project for easy and accurate bill back. This feature eliminates the need for manual invoice creation when passing costs through to the client.

  1. On the Billing tab, look for the “Per Project Invoice” column next to each paid invoice.

  2. Click the arrow next to the invoice date to expand the list of separate invoices for each project.

  3. Click on an invoice number to download.

You can also use manually generate invoices using our bill-back template - just select the button below to create your bill-back invoice!

For other billing related questions, please visit the 🔗 Billing FAQ.

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