May 2023

Updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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Ready for the summer, everyone? We sure are! We’re so ready we are making a grand entrance into the new season with a new set of mind-blowing features that will help you get through your discovery process before you can say “Caipirinha.”

Audio Redactions

We're starting on a high note — or should I say, a well-timed silence? — with our first feature announcement: Audio Redactions!

Remember the cacophony of trying to manually mute sensitive parts of an audio file? Or the heart-stopping shriek you let out when you saw the bill for the third-party service you hired to redact your audio files?

Well, we're turning down the volume on that hassle.

With our brand-new Audio Redactions feature, you can seamlessly redact parts of audio files and transcripts directly within Logikcull.

You also have the choice to insert a Mute redaction or a Beep redaction, or even a symphony of both within a single file.

Heck, you can even adjust the volume and playback speed of your files as you redact them, and create and review different versions of redacted audio files.

It's like we've handed you the conductor's baton in your very own eDiscovery orchestra.

So, here's to making some noise in the world of eDiscovery, by paradoxically helping you mute it. 🤐

Limited Reviewer Role

A round of applause for the unsung heroes of office life — the people who can't touch anything without breaking it. You know who you are.

And for you — or, better said, because of you —, and for any client or user who can access a customer’s data but not forever, we've created the "Limited Reviewer Role" feature.

Now, you can add reviewers to your projects who are not allowed to download or print documents from the doc viewer. It’s perfect if you want to ensure that some reviewers can view but not distribute or keep sensitive information. (Why would you want that anyway?)

Think of it as the guest bathroom of user access — it's a nice place for visitors to freshen up, but they can't snoop through your medicine cabinet.

Your secrets are safe with us — and now, with your Limited Reviewers, too.

Project Labels

As a professional Culler, we know you love to keep things organized. Sticky notes on your desk, labels on your folders, categories in your email…

Now, we're bringing that organization love to Logikcull with Project Labels.

You can now add labels to your projects based on different themes or criteria, such as “Internal Investigation” or “Subpoena Request.”

But what’s even more satisfying than the act of labeling and color-coding your projects? Being able to filter your project list based on your labels and even generate reports based on the different labels you’ve applied.

It's like having an extra set of hands helping you keep your desk tidy. You’ll have all the info you need at your fingertips while you tell your OCD, “Not today!”

"Sticky" Redaction Labels

Remember that feeling when you're creating a bunch of similar redactions and you have to select and apply the same label every single time? Yeah, it was not too friendly for anyone’s mental health.

To keep you and your team fully sane, we’re introducing "Sticky" Redaction Labels.

Now, when you're creating redactions, the redaction will default to the previously applied label, saving you from an ocean of unnecessary clicks — and your mind, from going 'clickety-clack' off the rails!

Other Bug Fixes/Improvements

Uploads Page Improvement: We know you've been itching to see what's happening behind the scenes, and we heard you. So we've made some improvements that let you monitor the progress of your document transfers right from the get-go and even before documents start transferring.

We've also added a new feature to show you the count of transferred documents. We've even spruced up the messages you see to give you a clearer picture of what's going on during each phase of the transfer process.

So sit back, relax, and watch the magic happen. Your transfers are in safe hands.

More Reliable Redactions: We've received reports of rogue words escaping their black-bar prisons due to a bit of slack at the top. Well, that just won't do. We've tightened up the black redaction text, making it stickier to the top and bottom of words so that it covers the whole word, leaving no room for escape.

Project Identification Enhancements: Finding it hard to figure out which project a download relates to? Well, not anymore! We've added the project name and ID to the new shared downloads report, making it a breeze to identify which project a download comes from.

Legal Holds List Upgrades: No more waiting around for your custodian list to load. We've added caching to the custodian list for legal holds, ensuring it loads quickly from the legal holds modal — no matter how large your list of custodians is.

Project Archiving Updates: Project creators, rejoice! You now have the power to archive and unarchive the projects you've created. No need to bother the account admins and account owners anymore. This is your project, and you have full control over it.

Search Syntax Updates: We've made a correction to the Search Syntax help text for Wildcards. Contrary to what was previously indicated, wildcards are functional within phrase searches. So go ahead, use a wildcard search within a phrase (e.g. “Bean* soup”), and see the magic unfold.

Bug fix - Doc Viewer Timeout Alert: We've squashed a bug that was preventing users working in the doc viewer popout window from being informed when their session was about to timeout. Now, any activity in the doc viewer window will extend the session, saving you from any surprise work loss.

Bug fix - Slack Discovery Date Selection: We've fixed an issue that was preventing users from selecting an end date when selecting a date range as part of their Slack Discovery upload.

Bug fixes - Legal Hold UI: We've tidied up a couple of bugs related to Legal Holds. One was causing a false impression that your changes weren’t saved after editing a hold, even though they were. The other was mistakenly sending the original version of a legal hold to the CC recipients, despite the hold being edited. Rest assured, these issues are now things of the past.

Bug fix - Document Copy Tagging: We found and fixed an issue where the Document Copy wasn’t copying over all tags in the new project. This was causing some documents to appear untagged and also not showing up in the filter “Has no Tags”. Now, all your tags will be copied over, ensuring no previous work falls through the cracks.

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