June 2023

Updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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Hello Logikcull customers! We've been diligently working behind the scenes to enhance our existing features and implement new ones that further elevate your Logikcull experience. We're excited to detail these recent updates, designed to bring you greater efficiency, control, and security.

Let’s take a look!

Active Directory Integration

The process of adding custodians to your legal holds just got simpler! With our new Active Directory integration, you can now directly connect to Active Directory in MS 365. This allows you to efficiently search your organization's employee database and access accurate custodian information easily.

On the horizon is an update that will enable daily synchronization of custodian data and timely notifications on employee departures when active legal holds are in place for that employee.

Billing Admin Role

We've introduced a dedicated Billing Admin Role, providing access to crucial financial functions. This role allows you to manage billing details, facilitate invoice payments, and view invoice history. Importantly, this role does not permit access to project or document details, ensuring your confidential information remains secure.

Custom Project Labels

In May, we launched Project Labels. Just one month later we've launched our new Custom Project Labels feature, enabling the creation of custom project labels to suit your specific needs. Organize by department, use case, project status, responsible attorney or investigator- it’s up to you.

Global Redaction for Audio Files

We released Global Redactions in April and Audio Redactions in May- both receiving very positive customer feedback. Now in June we’ve combined the two! Our Global Redaction feature now encompasses audio files. Both the transcript and the audio itself will be redacted according to the specified search terms.

Cancel Cloud Transfers

Now customers can cancel active cloud transfers, providing you the opportunity to resolve issues without waiting for the current upload to complete.

Legal Hold Improvements

We've rolled out several enhancements to our Legal Hold product:

  • You can now create holds with accent characters in the name - apprécier!

  • You can easily move between steps in the hold creation process so that it’s easier to go back and make changes

  • You can release an individual custodian from a hold rather than all custodians at once

  • You can now customize the reminder email subject line

Other Bug Fixes / Improvements

  • Production Downloads: Updated some of the instructions in the 4 step download modal so that it’s clearer what is and isn’t included as part of your download. The inclusion of tags in particular was a point of confusion for customers.

  • Production Uploads:

    • Updated error messaging for production imports to be more customer friendly, so that it’s easier to quickly identify and fix the issues in load files.

    • Improved the way that Logikcull processes production imports so that native documents use the full extracted text found during OCR. This will make it easier to search for these documents with accurate results.

  • Bugfix - Account Custodians: Fixed an issue that prevented editing account custodians that had a hired date set.

  • Bugfix - Session timeout: Fixed an issue where customers working with multiple Logikcull tabs open were getting signed out of Logikcull when they switched to another tab despite their session still being active.

  • Bugfix - @ mentions issue: Fixed an issue where some customers were not able to be mentioned in a comment because their account invitation status was in an invalid state. Impacted customers should now correctly appear in the search list when mentioning a customer.

We hope these updates will improve your experience and streamline your processes. As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to continuing to enhance your product experience!

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

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