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February & March 2024
February & March 2024

Updates on feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes.

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Hello again!

We’re thrilled to bring you some big updates to usher in the spring. We have some blockbuster integrations (MS Teams, Slack preserve-in-place), some major review “quality of life” updates (native spreadsheet viewer, white redactions) and a host of other improvements and fixes to make your Logikcull experience much more enjoyable. Thank you to all of you who shared your feedback with the team to help us make sure we’re focused on the right things.

Native Spreadsheet Viewer

Reviewing spreadsheets in PDF form, with rows and columns split across multiple pages, is painful, confusing, and time-consuming. This is further compounded when spreadsheets have multiple tabs.

With the new Native Spreadsheet Viewer feature, just as with standard Spreadsheet software, spreadsheets can be displayed within a Spreadsheet-optimized, “pageless” interface that prevents print view page breaks and maintains tab organization. Unlike with PDF images. Users can now search across Spreadsheet formulas, notes, and comments, in addition to hiding/showing images to ensure no data is being masked.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Uploading .PST exports can be a multi-step and frustrating process. The exported data may pass through many hands or locations, increasing the risk of spoliation or data breaches. The uploaded messages are not rendered in a user-friendly format, making it challenging for legal teams to review and analyze the data effectively.

Our new Microsoft Teams integration for Logikcull streamlines this process by allowing users to seamlessly connect their Teams account to Logikcull, simplifying the upload of Teams data and attachments into the platform with just a few clicks. The integration transforms this data into a near-native format, making it easily readable and familiar to users. Chat filters further enhance the experience by extracting key metadata, enabling users to efficiently navigate and prioritize relevant conversations for their cases, saving time and effort in the eDiscovery process.

Slack Preserve in Place

This release resolves a previously disconnected process between Slack Preservation and Logikcull Legal Holds, which resulted in legal teams facing a manual process prone to errors, leading to potential data loss and compliance gaps. Now, when a legal hold is started or released via Logikcull, it seamlessly triggers the relevant preservation actions in Slack automatically. Consolidate holds management to one system for a more efficient process with Slack Preserve in Place.

White Redactions

The addition of white as a redaction color offers more flexibility when producing documents for court, or to the opposing party for review.

Other Fixes and Tweaks

We've been busy fine-tuning and squashing bugs:

  • When adding a new Limited User to a project, inviters will be reminded to assign the user to a project for a more productive first-time user experience

  • Extra warning when deleting projects with active legal holds

  • Option to save edits to legal holds without re-sending them

  • Saved searches now notify when they are done saving

  • Fixed an issue causing silent hold custodians to be omitted from custodian reports

  • Billing Admins can now access the “Usage” tab

  • New [[List of active holds for custodian]] hold message variable to remind custodians what active holds they are associated with

  • Support for accented characters in file names

We’d love to get your feedback on these enhancements, so don’t be afraid to reach out. As always, thank you for being a Reveal | Logikcull customer!

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