PII Detection

Logikcull automatically detects Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as part of our world-class processing engine.

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PII Detection is available on documents uploaded and processed by Logikcull on or after November 30, 2022.

Certain PII features are available exclusively on an annual subscription plan. Please contact the support team for details.

What is PII Detection in Logikcull?

Logikcull automatically scans document text for Personally Identifiable Information, or PII, on all eligible files uploaded into your project. A PII Detected Auto Tag (QC Tag) is assigned to documents in which PII is detected with a 75% or greater confidence level. The document count for PII detected will appear as a Auto Tag on the upload card after processing.

Filtering on the PII Detected Auto Tag

To filter your documents by PII Detected, just select that filter facet from the list in your Auto Tags filter:

ℹ️ The following PII functionality is available to exclusively to customers on an annual subscription plan.

Searching and Filtering on PII Types

The following PII types are detected by Logikcull:











Filtering on PII Types

From the main search page, navigate to the PII Types filter and select one or more of the available filter facets to filter on PII types.

You may need to add the PII Types filter category. Here's how. 🔗

Running Searches on PII Type

You can run a syntax-based search easily by selecting a PII Type from the Advanced Search Builder.

Searches can also be constructed directly from the main search bar by using the field syntax pii_types: and searching on a specific field name:


Document Viewer PII Tools

When a document is loaded into the viewer, Logikcull runs PII detection on the searchable text of the image and presents the results in the document side panel.

You may need to add PII Detected to your side panel tools. Here's how. 🔗

You can use the side panel to:

  1. Hide/Show PII highlights by PII entity type by checking the box next to each PII type.

  2. Redact the selected PII type(s) by using the redact marker button.

  3. Navigate the selected PII type using the back and forward arrows.

Clicking the Redaction button (2), allows you to select a redaction label from a menu of options, or create your own.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  1. What documents are eligible for Auto Tag-based PII detection?
    The document must be English-language recognized text and must have an extracted text style or OCR style smaller than 1 GB in size.

  2. My document has PII Detected but doesn’t have PII, or doesn't have PII Detected but contains PII.
    While we have generally seen reliable performance, PII Detection is an artificial intelligence based on machine learning and is not 100% perfect.

  3. How would I know if a document failed PII detection?

    We assign the PII Detection Failed Auto Tags to documents that fail PII detection.

  4. How do I turn off the PII markup (squiggly lines) in my document viewer when I'm not reviewing for PII?
    To turn off PII Detection in the document viewer, select the PII tool in the right sidebar and turn the tool off using the slider.

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